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Roberta and Zaria

Being matched for 5 years makes hanging out together easy for Roberta and Zaria. They have watch movies and make food together. Roberta says their friendship wasn’t easy at first though, they learned a lot about each other- their differences and talked a lot about everything and in the end, have become great friends. “For…

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Kristi and Nastashiea

Kristi and Nastashiea have been matched for over 4 years. They know each other so well they have even begun to finish one another’s sentences. When they shop together, Nasy knows her big sister well enough to pick out her clothes. Nastashiea says her Big Sister has taught her a lot of things but has…

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Glenn and Damian

For Damian, ten years seems like a lifetime. That is how long he has known his Big Brother Glenn. They met when Damian was just seven. Now, a senior in the Rochester City School District, Damian can’t imagine his life without Glenn. Damian is proving you can beat the odds. He will graduate this year…

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Andrew and Manny

One of the first things Andrew and Manny did together 2 years ago was build a catapult. Manny wanted to learn to make things and Andrew was happy to share. Since that time they have spent a lot of time outdoors; rock wall climbing, mini golf and basketball. Andrew says if Manny keeps growing taller…

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